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About Us


Founded in 2002 by Carole Brunet, La Confiturière is a family business based in Florentin (southern France) leveraging four generations of bakers and pastry chefs. Carole created unique recipes with a high fruit content, which were solely distributed locally at the time..



Joined by her daughter and pastry chef Amélie, and her son, Benoit, in 2019, the family business took a new direction. Together, they decided to modernise the branding and to use only organic fruits while still retaining their mother’s know-how and innovative recipes.


La Confiturière’s raison d’être is to offer high-end, 100% organic jams with exquisite tastes as well as significant health benefits. The quality of the products is reflective of the family know-how, their passion for food, and their love of nature. The result is only the best fruits and ingredients originating from organic farming are selected. The recipes follow a rigorous, eco-friendly approach as a significant emphasis is put on sustainability.